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The Chester Company
Chester Historical Society
Chester Village West
Citizens for Clean Ground Water
Connecticut Corsair
Connecticut River Museum

Days Inn

Errol Horner, Architect
Essex Board of Trade
Essex Island Marina
Goodwin College
The Ivoryton Playhouse

h o m e

m i s s i o n

l o g o s

b o o k   j a c k e t s

p r i n t  m a t t e r

p o s t e r s

d i s p l a y  a d s

d i s p l a y  p a n e l s

t r a d e  s h o w  p a n e l s

i l l u s t r a t i o n

m e d i c a l  d i a g r a m s

c a m p a i g n s

s h o w  g r a p h i c s 

a b o u t   t h e  a r t i s t 

Middlesex Community Foundation
Paulson Training Programs

Promare, Inc.
Sailing Masters of 1812
Scofield Historic Lighting

Stephanie Degen-Monroe, Architect
Submergence, LLC

U.S. Historical Society

Visiting Nurses of the Lower Valley
Webb Deane Stevens Museum
Weider History Group

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A native of Connecticut, I hold a BFA from the
Hartford Ar
t School. My Yankee roots led me to settle in Chester, a small provincial town which has a very lively arts community. After working at a public relations firm for several years I decided to strike out on my own in 1992. I began my business under the name of “Long Cat Graphics” after a lunatic orange tiger cat that I took in some years ago. Recently I have joined an alliance of professionals, each with an expertise in their chosen area. With a growing loyal client base and command of production materials I look forward to the future with optimism and confidence.

Robert VanKeirsbilck